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    We Must Focus On Benefits Of GhanaPostGPS – GhanaPost MD


    The Acting Managing Director of Ghana Post, Mr. James Kwofie, has asked Ghanaians and the media to focus on the massive benefits that will to accrue to the government, the business community and Ghanaians at large, with the introduction of the new digital property addressing system in Ghana.

    He insists the focus on security of the new system in the last few days clearly show the interests that Ghanaians have on the GhanaPostGPS Application”.

    ”We can talk about security which is obviously an ongoing concern so we cannot say that it is 100% impossible to hack it but the probability or likelihood is very very slim. Every system is liable to hacking but we have put strict levels of access controls so that access to the information on the system is on the need-to-know basis. There is 24hr monitoring and we’ll know if anybody attempts to hack our system. So far, we are secured.’

    Mr. Kwofie called on the public and the media to shift the focus of the discussion to the more tangible benefits of the new digital addressing systems to the general public, the police, the economy, the government and to the revamping of the business of postal services in Ghana in general.

    ‘The benefits for this new digital address system are very huge. This is a game changer for Ghana. All local government agencies can use it for planning purposes, municipalities and district assemblies can use it to value properties, the waakye seller can use it to make her location easier to her costomers. The digital address is going to become the way of life in how the country does business so let’s focus on that.’

    The Acting MD also assured that the issue of double deliveries of parcels because of not being able to find the right addresses is over with the new digital addressing system. This reduces the cost of doing business for Ghana Post. It will also be the basis for all e-comerce platforms so that people can now sit in Ghana and buy things from abroad and have it delivered to them directly to their homes in Ghana.

    ‘And we are working with ECG and Ghana water company to ensure that all the digital addresses are on the utility bills etc. For those who have no access to smart phones or internet, or who are generally unable to generate their own digital addresses, the GhanaPostGPS also has an offline mode that has been set up so that people can walk into our offices and we can help them generate their own digital addresses’.


    SOURCE: Peacefmonline

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